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New to the Flying Pirate in 2017--2 Person Relay!

  • Register as a team of 2
  • Receive a combined team time at the finish line-no split time.
  • Runner #1 starts at regular Half Marathon Start (Woods Rd.) with baton.
  • Runner #2 starts at approximately mile 6. (Bay Drive & Dock St.) Here there will be a hand-off zone marked on the left-hand side of the road. Please know an approximate arrival time of your Runner #1 and look out for him/her. The Team baton must be carried by one of the team runners at all times from start to finish.



Best scenario is for Runner #2 to be dropped off at Bay Drive & Dock St. (There is a lot at Bay & Dock but only a handful of parking spots there.) Bay Dr. is the race course and all side streets that intersect Bay Dr. will be blocked.  Discuss & prepare for the approximate time Runner #1 will take to get to MM6 from the 7:00am start.  Runner #2 should arrive at the hand off point with plenty of time to look out for Runner #1 wearing the same bib number.

 Access this relay hand-off zone/ Runner #2 drop-off point, via West Durham from Hwy 158.  Right on Portsmouth which is 1 block East of Dock St.  Here you can turn out before getting too close to the race course.

Runner #1, If your car is not nearby, we will have a shuttle come through and take you to the finish/post-race party to meet your teammate.  A shuttle will come by Dock & Bay at approximately 7:40 & 8:40 am only.

**Check Athlete need-to-know information for regular bus shuttle schedules.