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Pirate Relay

NO EXCUSES! Share the course.

You say you're not trained for the total 13.1 miles? 
Well, we have a solution for that!
Relay racers get the SWAG/Shirt/Medal!


Team of 2 runners/walkers

  • Runner #1 starts at the Flying Pirate Half Marathon Start Line with the baton.
  • #2 will wait at the 6 Mile hand off zone, located at Bay Drive & Dock St.
  • He/she will be aware of the approximate arrival time of Runner #1.
  • Runner #2 is handed the baton at the hand off zone.
  • Runner #2 goes to the Finish in Nags Head and meets Runner #1 at the post race party!

The Relay team will receive a combined team time at the Finish Line. No split time.


Runner #2 will be dropped off at Bay Drive & Dock St. There is limited parking at Bay & Dock. Bay Drive is part of the race course and all side streets intersecting Bay Drive will be blocked.

To access this drop off point take Hwy 158 to West Durham. Turn right on Portsmouth. Drop Runner #2 here, which will be one block east of Dock St.
Runner #1 - There will be a shuttle coming through Dock St. & Bay Drive at approximately 7:40 & 8:40 am ONLY. This shuttle will take you to the Finish Line in Nags Head.

Return Shuttles will take you back to Dock and Bay after the race. Just mention to the shuttle driver where you want to go.